What does it mean to stippl?

Who said sober is boring?

Not us. And certainly not the growing world-wide trend of people looking for a great drink.
We knew that in order to deliver a product that was going to hit the spot, we would need to not only draw on our 10 year’s experience of crafting flavours, but ensure every STIPPL hits every one of our four values.

The four values we swear by when creating STIPPL are:

1. Purity

Water is life.

It also happens to be the base for our drinks. Using a five stage, state of the art water filtration process – first, we strip the ‘nasties’. Removing chlorine, microplastics and other microbes commonly found in bottled and tap water, we are able to create the perfect blank canvas ready for our ingredients to shine.

2. Balance

Life is all about balance.

By getting rid of the bad, we make way for the good. Next, we run the water through Shungite crystal. This innovative technique not only purifies the liquid further but Shungite is thought to impart crystal’s healing energy to impart a sense of calm and balance into the mix, ready for flavouring.

3. Spirit

Creating is the essence of life.

Perfectly purified, the base is ready. It’s now time to bring the spirit of our drinks to life. Working with plant-based raw ingredients, sourced from sustainable farming communities from the UK, we use ground-breaking distillation, extraction and infusion techniques to create complex flavours. Once developed, we take the mineralised water and stipple on the floral and botanical signature flavours that are unique to each drink.

4. Time

In life all good things come to those who wait.

To achieve the perfect balance of aroma, taste and texture the final step involves tailored techniques that lock in the flavour. Aging the mixtures in copper tanks for a prolonged period of time seals the flavour and gives the final boost in making Stippl what it is.